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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Coming in from the cold but feeling warm

I have been missing, dealing with scary heart attack and stroke stuff,  but I really am here. I've been reading, watching and thinking.

I have been wondering who reads the tweets in Twitterbombs? I can't imagine it's anyone at the European Parliament. Do you think they are even aware?  I know if you use @LindaMcAvanMEP in a Tweet SHE never sees it! So, unhappily, I'm wondering what actual difference it is making. Are we kidding ourselves? I might be wrong, as I often am, but the Twittering and Tweeting seems like displaced activity from all of us who are totally frustrated and do it because it feels better than feeling impotent. It is mighty therapeutic, yes?

I know MY MP simply trogs out Party Template Letters about smoking/vaping when I have written and I have, as yet, not come eyeball to eyeball with him about vaping. I saw him pounding up the cobbles on our town late night opening, but I think he was late, it was raining, and he would have been right pissed off with me if I'd flashed my device at him in the street. I have commanded his attention so many times already, I think he probably dreads bumping into me anywhere at all. And a Template Letter is his only defence. I am a better writer than speaker and in print he's recieved a few ear bashings.

My MEP is Chris Davis. He did make an effort for us vapers - but he failed in my opinion. Today's news is depressing frankly. The most depressing thing about it is how ignorant and foolish our rulers are: how, in actual fact, they are as petty, silly, self important, influenced by peer pressure and social engineering as everyone else.

I am not voting for my MP or my MEP

I'm voting for THIS GUY!