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Monday, 30 December 2013

My thoughts on the Debate in the House of Commons on Plain Packaging - and what was NOT said - ping back on Vapers

Debate in the House of Commons On Standardised packaging 3rd September 2013

(to Column 27WH )

Let me show you some of the things that were said and you will see that MP's regurgitate SOS - and some of it is really questionable! They repeat what they have been told. They are not thinking independently at all.....

Bob Blackman - The appalling truth is that half of all lifetime smokers will die from illness caused by their addiction.  Have you heard that before?

Alex Cunningham -  In my local authority area of Stockton, more than 250 people die prematurely every year from smoking-related diseases. We have a lung cancer rate of 67.1 per 100,000 people, which is a staggering 40% higher than the national average. Why I would ask - seriously - why are your smokers dying  40% higher than national average?

One more time (he says) Tobacco is the only consumer product that, if used as instructed, kills half of its long-term users.

Dr Julian Huppert -  One story that used to be told was that if someone smokes, they are less likely to get Alzheimer’s disease. That is absolutely true, as has been said—but the main reason is that they are quite likely to die before they get Alzheimer’s disease.  I ask, does he know there huge medical trials ongoing using nicotine patches for Alzheimer's?

Jim Shannon -  One hundred thousand people will die of lung cancer this year  He knows?

Oh not again! Half of those go on to become regular smokers, who will die as a result of their habit, despite anti-smoking advertising campaigns,

Dianne Abbott -  If they consume tobacco in the way manufacturers indicate, half of lifelong smokers will die—no ifs, no buts And again!

Oh FFS! Tobacco is the only legal substance for which, if consumed as indicated, half of consumers will die.

 Aaaaaarrrrrgh! We know that half of lifetime smokers will die from smoking, that it remains the largest preventable cause of cancer, that it causes one in four deaths from cancer and eight in 10 deaths from lung cancer,

On the Consultation in which I took part -

Sir Gerald Howorth -  Friend rightly said, the Government consulted extensively. (on plan packaging) Some 665,000 people responded to that consultation, of whom 64% opposed what he is advocating.

Reply from Bob Blackman  - It was not a referendum or a vote; it was a consultation. It is the power of the arguments that matters in a consultation, rather than necessarily the volume, particularly when the arguments are organised by a lobby such as Philip Morris (my underline). Hey, I've not received my cheque yet.

And later - Peer-reviewed studies, summarised in the systematic review of evidence cited in the Department of Health’s consultation document, have found that standard packaging, compared with branded cigarettes, is less attractive to young people, improves the effectiveness of health warnings, reduces mistaken beliefs that some brands are safer than others and is, therefore, likely to reduce smoking uptake among children and young people Do these studies exist? And peer reviewed means reviewed by chums to me.

Annette Brooke -  The case has been well made that clever packaging seduces children into smoking, but how will standardised packaging impact on the rational adult person’s choice to smoke?

Paul Burstow  (part reply) -  In its systematic review of evidence, published as part of its consultation, the Department of Health gathered absolutely clear and strong evidence of the impact of standardised packaging on reducing smoking. Er - which consultation was that? Is that the peer reviewed studies?

Anna Soubry We know that 8 million people in this country continue to smoke and that the overwhelming majority of them want to stop. It is an admission of some weakness within us, which I think is the power of nicotine. It is often said that nicotine is more addictive even than heroin.  I figured that 13 000000 people smoke in the UK - 20% of 64 000000 +- I have the old fashioned idea that if people don't want to smoke, they just stop - zap - because they want to. I have seen it myself on many occasions. Just zap - if you really WANT to stop smoking, you do.

One of the great benefits of the legislation that was introduced by the previous Administration—I pay full credit to them for introducing that ban on smoking in open places (my underline)—was that it made smoking less socially acceptable. But there was no ban in open spaces. I think a slip of the tongue? Anna Soubry is now Minister/Secretary? of Defence of course.

But she at least, like one or two others, felt it was right to wait to see the evidence FOR plain packaging from Ireland and Australia.

Children were mentioned 54 times, young people 103 times as a reason to introduce plain packaging

MP's are well brainwashed into the new and fashionable Prohibitionist culture. But they do not represent ME.

What was NOT said -  

Cigarettes are already invisible behind shutters in shops, a law that has cost a fortune to implement. Some soul MP said that 100 000 young people had been stopped from smoking as a result of this, and I ask, how does anyone KNOW this?

It was not said that the medical porn on "Plain Packaging"/Standard packaging showing grotesque images and written nocebos are a violent attack by the state on the minds of the young - not a soul mentioned brain rape of the children and young people. Adults were only mentioned once.

I have banged on about the obscenity of instilling ideas of sickness and death INTO the minds of all who see the images and words on "plain packs". It will be manifest in the physical body. We really really should wait to see what happens in Australia. Smoking should kill people quicker. 

And electronic cigarettes were never mentioned as a way to reduce the harm of smoking or even smoking itself.  The idea of plain packaging is obsolete. Electronic cigarettes in all their glory should be the way forward. 

The fact that I can see the ANTZ dogma in the language used by MP's in this debate, and the above summary is only what I had time to shred, makes it clear to me that it is the Anti Smoking Movement, Smokefree Britain, CRUK, ASH, MHRA and the grip they have in promoting their ideology everywhere, is what needs disassembling. Smoking-modern via vaping, is already eroding the habit of smoking cigarettes. They have real friend in us! But they don't actually want friends - they need someone to secure their future through - they need work - they need someone to persecute. And that's US!

Poke them in the eye Vapoteurs! Vape on. Spread the word and fight for smokers too. Every action against smokers, pings back on us. THEY are not our enemy. They are the enemy of our enemies and thus they are our friends.