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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Vaping is terribly BAD for you

I feel really quite hopeless about the state of things I see.

On Sunday I attended an event. A friend I hadn't seen for months, who knew I vaped, greeted me by saying "Ooo, I see such a lot about vaping in the news. And then I think of you. You really must stop - did you know vaping is terribly BAD for your health!" I looked at her in utter astonishment completely dumbstruck.

My brain has become dumbstruck.

The person warning me about vaping is just an ordinary non smoking person, reasonably events aware, without internet skills, just relaying to me what she had read in the press, seen on TV and heard on the radio.

She is an ordinary person. And that's what she thinks according to the media she uses.

I bang on here about evil Tobacco Control (I mean by this, the industry consisting of all anti tobacco groups everywhere) and yesterday I posted a not-very-popular post called "Bloomberg's war" about the funding that goes to religious groups - ALL religions - to promote Tobacco Control. Readers seemed to think I might have gone bananas, but fortunately, Frank Davis  did a similar post called The Religious War on Smoking and the comments on that post, are eye opening!

If you are a follower of this blog, you will know how I dislike "Tobacco Control". I disliked it as a smoker. But I dislike it even worse now that I am a vaper. THEY are electronic cigarettes' biggest enemy.

They have changed most of the western world to become morally righteous in their legislation against perfectly legal tobacco industries, the theft of their packaging copyright, the criminal tax on their products and the persecution of a whole section of the population without a second thought.

The power of their determination to eliminate the recreational use of tobacco (aka nicotine) is only possible with money. In our modern world, in politics, money is what gets a hearing. Trillions is invested in Tobacco Control world wide.

Tobacco Control have mobilised themselves to consider electronic cigarettes. They do not want a world I described in my Imagine this post.

When I follow blogs or am on social media that are friendly to vapers, I can get the idea we are surrounded by friends. I am further comforted by people like Clive Bates who is friendly to vaping but who is still Tobacco Control. But is he living in cloud cuckoo land too?

Our social media protesting got us labelled as an abusive "cult", MEP's admit they have no power in the European Parliament. 

Tobacco Control changed most of the western world to become morally righteous on the statement "smoking is bad for you" (and expensive to society) and then, when that didn't work quickly enough, "The smoke you exhale is bad for other people".

Tobacco Control have the political power, they are funded in the sqillions, they have moral righteousness on their side. And the social mind is a prepared viable field to plant a million seed varieties like "Vaping is bad for you" and "Second hand vapour is bad for other people".

Cheers to my friend for trying to save my life by telling me vaping is terribly BAD for me. But I beg to differ. I will not believe lies put about by the enemies of vapers.

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