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Friday, 13 June 2014


Tobacco Control - (in capitals) means the complete collection of tobacco control businesses in the Tobacco Control Industry.

So, as I have said before, I say again, the problem for vapers is the attitude of Tobacco Control to smoking that is the actual nub of our problem. Most ordinary people don't care whether smokers smoke or vapers vape. It was ever only an issue with those who found they could earn a damn good living with a job in the new persecution promoting industry of Tobacco Control - all for the good of humanity and especially the children. I am sure, in the beginning, the motive was pure, but it is now a "business" - an employment opportunity in which there are "reputations" at stake and "reports" and "advisors". See Ash Briefing here

I am sure that, in the beginning, the company that invented mass produced cigarettes, was simply offering innovation for profit, a principle we see at work today in capitalism.

But both Big Tobacco and Tobacco Control have been as crooked as each other. Tobacco Control in their deliberate persecution of smokers, as devious as Big Tobacco in offering smokers an easy, pre-packed tube of adulterated tobacco in the form of cigarettes.

I really can't decide which group is the more despicable!

The war on tobacco just didn't happen because of changing attitudes - attitudes were changed forcibly through a very careful plan of action.  The 3rd World Conference on Tobacco or Health (note the choice!) planned the future very carefully and with malice aforethought. I say malice because they were perfectly aware of the immense emotional suffering their plans to stigmatise smokers and denormalise smoking would cause. 

The other devious group was Big Tobacco who lied about the fact that they knew their product  was killing people and marketed low tar and lights as safer smoking in response to Tobacco Control.

They both have fudged science to further their cause. They both have propaganderised shamelessly.

They both blame the other for their own persecution, but one is slightly more truthful than the other. Big Tobacco say it is hounded by Tobacco Control, and that's true. No other Industry has had to fight such odds. Tobacco Control says all criticism of themselves comes from Big Tobacco shills, front groups or stooges writing pro smoking blogs, and that every comment against them is paid for or generated by Big Tobacco. And that's not true. There is no room in their minds that ordinary people (like me) might be disgusted enough to grouse about them all by ourselves.

I notice that in all the hoo haa going on about vaping, it is Big Tobacco that is credited with giving us electronic cigarettes and being the evil plotters in trying to get us to buy them. That makes me blow my top.

When will Tobacco Control Groups be truthful?  When will they get their heads clear of of their own brainwashing? Now we have inter-science challenges. And it is so good that some important people are on the side of vapers. But the money and the power is in the hands of Tobacco Control nevertheless. They are ruthless. They are hardened rigidly by years of deviousness. They rule.

The nitty gritty centre of vapers' problems is still the attitude of Tobacco Control to smoking. Neither they nor Big Tobacco offered smokers electronic cigarettes. But Big Tobacco have seen a possible future, whereas Tobacco Control has got its head stuck up its arse. It is so desperate to stop people smoking cigarettes, it cannot see that it has gone too far already and there are a lot of cross people like me venting our venom.

They do not see that their actions have blow-back. Black market cigarettes are more dangerous than proper ones. Constant nocebos on cigarette packs will kill smokers and others quicker than ever before. Can they not accept that the world has been indoctrinated with a Second Hand Smoke myth and a terrible fear of nicotine by them - on untruth? I am waiting for one scientist pro Tobacco Control and pro-vaping - just ONE - to admit that Tobacco Control has fudged the science on smoking as they are doing now on electronic cigarettes.

I am waiting for one scientist pro Tobacco Control and pro vaping - just ONE - to admit that Tobacco Control has been devious and often dishonest. I am waiting for one scientist pro Tobacco Control and pro vaping - just ONE - to admit that Tobacco Control is going too far. Who is actually criticising Tobacco Control? Everyone seems to be "negotiating". We need their exposure.

But the most important thing about smoking that hardly ever gets considered in the smoking wars that Tobacco Control are determined to prolong at all costs, is that smoking is a PLEASURE.

Smoking can be substituted, now, with consumer pleasing electronic cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes are not tobacco cigarettes. Most are not manufactured by Big Tobacco. Innovation and safety are being driven by consumers themselves. Yet we have Tobacco Control all over us. Everyone is arguing, banning, judging, praising, condemning, interfereing. The mind boggles. We have in fact solved their problem. We are "smokefree" just like Tobacco Control have always wanted.

And that wonderful technological solution - vaping - should have nothing to do with THEM!    

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