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Saturday, 14 June 2014

Thank you for sleeping with the enemy

Vapourtrails TV  and their whole team, have done a huge amount of work on behalf of vapers - in promoting vaping and more specifically, keeping us informed. If you want to know what is happening about vaping in the UK, that's the station to watch. If you can't watch live, it is always on catchup. I watch everything - except perhaps "Tin your Tip" and that's only because I'm not a "tin tipper".

VT Talk 11-06-14 - APPG and the Welsh events In which Sav and Dave host Sara Jakes, Lorien Jollye, John DIver, Rhydian Man and Andy Sutton for their experiences in the APPG meeting and the Welsh Senedd meetings, is particularly worth watching. You will find it embedded below.

Several times, Dave Dorn mentions that some people think he and the team are "sleeping with the enemy"

Sleeping with the enemy -The phrase “sleeping with the enemy” is often used to describe a situation involving a non-adversarial relationship between two individuals or entities that would normally be unfriendly or adversarial. This frequently includes business deals between competitors, joint projects tackled by enemies, and political maneuverings that require the cooperation of competing parties. Sometimes, sleeping with the enemy involves cooperating just for the purpose of gaining inside information or the upper hand in a competitive situation. In other situations, however, opposing parties may actually work together for the good of a common goal. 

I believe the Tobacco Control attitude to cigarettes is the nub of the problem for vapers. I dislike them with a vengeance even though I don't smoke! I see their deviousness and controlling agendas being used on vapers. It's the repetition of similar lies to promote anti smoking, that are now being trundled out to demonise vaping. The terribly poisonous and evilly addictive nicotine that is perfectly acceptable in a patch or inhaler, but not in a PV, will make a new generation of nicotine addicts. And the vapour, first, second or third hand, will be used as a weapon just as they did with second hand smoke. These things make my teeth grind. Harm reduction is not on Tobacco Control's agenda. How vaping is being "twisted" is well represented in Vaper Scene Ep 76  - I like the gentle presentation always and this episode is worth watching.

Vapour Trails team, are perfectly aware of Tobacco Control machinations. They know the enemy.

Right now, my rants will get us nowhere. They just make ME feel better. In fact, they are the key to my good health! I repress nothing. I do not bottle anything up. If I resent something, I don't do it. I was not always like that. I learned the hard way, that if I didn't deal with stress, I got sick. Repressed resentment is a killer. It once nearly killed me. Resentment means - bitter indignation at having been treated unfairly. So I don't do it silently anymore - I talk/write it out.

Right now, somebody HAS to sleep with the enemy. It's the only way. Thank God for Dave Dorn and all the people around him. Keep strong - we need you and thank you for your courage and endless commitment.

Vape on, Vape hard, and don't let Governments wear you down!

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