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Monday, 16 June 2014

Bloomberg's war

Bloomberg's jihad was my first title on this post  but I have changed it when it was pointed out that it does not mean what we in the west, think it means.  Jihad which I first used in my title has varied meanings according to different sources. Here I meant it as Bloomberg's "war" - his holy war - and I have read he believes he is "inspired" to change/benefit the world - to leave his mark.


In case anyone thinks my suspicion and dislike for Tobacco Control is silly because "they" have the good of the world at heart, here is a glimpse of how it works behind doors that are seldom opened to us. Tobacco Control are promoted through the benefit of MONEY. The war on tobacco is above morals, compassion, consideration, negotiation - or even truth.

Mayor Bloomberg and wealthy cronies, have bought their way into Tobacco Control - created it. In fact, one could say they ARE Tobacco Control. Their aim is to stop the world smoking. I point out that although I absolutely cannot prove it, I should think that their cosy friendship with the World Health Organisation and The European Union, is what has classified electronic cigarettes "tobacco" and are included in the ideology as something to be stopped.

Here is the blurb on the figures on tobacco. I have trouble believing them. They morph every time someone repeats them. Our UK friends and foes alike use them. Vapers themselves quote them! Seeing Tobacco Control cannot be trusted because we know they fudge figures  and they make up untruths like "smokers lungs are black" and "Tar" is black, and the biggest lie of all - Second Hand Smoke kills - I cannot believe any information they offer.

But here is what Mr Bloomberg says. Do take the stats with a huge pinch of salt!

About the Bloomberg Initiative

Tobacco kills more than 14,000 people every day. Unless urgent action is taken, tobacco will kill 8 million people a year by 2030, 80 percent of them in developing countries.
In 2006, Michael R. Bloomberg, philanthropist and Mayor of New York City, launched a $125 million global initiative to reduce tobacco use in low- and middle-income countries.(my bold)  The Initiative was extended with a new $250 million commitment in 2008. Other funders have also made contributions to the Initiative.

The four major objectives of the Bloomberg Initiative are:
1. To refine and optimize tobacco control programs to help smokers stop using tobacco and to prevent children from starting.

2. To support public sector efforts to pass and enforce key laws and implement effective policies, including taxing cigarettes, preventing smuggling, altering the image of tobacco and protecting workers from exposure to secondhand smoke.

3. To support advocates’ efforts to educate communities about the harms of tobacco and to enhance tobacco control activities that work towards a tobacco-free world.

4. To develop a rigorous system to monitor the status of global tobacco use.

The Bloomberg Initiative to Reduce Tobacco Use is implemented though five partner organizations: the Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Foundation, the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, the World Health Organization (my bold) and the World Lung Foundation.

Countries are given grants to implement  the objectives of Tobacco Control. Especially poor countries are given grants bribes to implement  the objectives of Tobacco Control.

Indonesia - struggling with REAL problems was offered a bribe

Quote -  "An organization owned by the mayor of New York City has channeled over US$390,000 to Muhammadiyah as part of a global anti-tobacco campaign, but the country's second largest Islamic organization denied the funding influenced its recent edict banning smoking."  The Bloomberg Initiative says on its website,, its program with Muhammadiyah aims “to mobilize public support towards obtaining religious policy on tobacco control and to support FCTC [Framework Convention on Tobacco Control] accession” End quote

 I find "support towards obtaining religious policy on tobacco control" most offensive.

But I'm sure Bloomberg wouldn't mind who promotes the global war on tobacco. He definitely would like these guys! Perhaps they applied for a grant too?

Quote - "In a major coup for public health and safety the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria has banned smoking, alcohol, and guns in the provinces it conquered just days ago, the International Business Times reports." End quote

This picture is of burning cartons of cigarettes on religious? grounds.
Cartons of cigarettes

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