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Sunday, 8 June 2014

Imagine this

Imagine - let your mind go free.....

Imagine a world where everyone - or rather MOST people vape.

That is, imagine a world like it used to be with smoking. Young people probably wont know this, but once, not so long ago, you could smoke anywhere -except no one smoked in churches. Smoking was accepted as perfectly normal.

People smoked inside - in pubs, hotels, bars, pool rooms, clubs, offices, waiting rooms, hospitals, schools, universities, colleges, court rooms, police stations, cinemas, ships, aeroplanes, buses, trains, taxis and tubes.

People smoked outside - in parks, picnic sites, coffee shops, markets,  sports days etc.

But "ladies" would never smoke in the street. It was considered "cheap".

People really enjoyed smoking. It was a profound pleasure that connected everyone. Anyone could smoke if they wanted to. Politicians, doctors, lawyers, policemen, entertainers, nurses, scientists, priests, artists, famous people, ordinary people, soldiers, pilots, air hostesses, teachers, professors - anyone - even The Pope.

In those days, people already knew too much smoking was not a good thing. Very heavy smokers developed health complications. It was known too, that too much alcohol or too much eating made people ill. Doctors might warn their patients not to overdo smoking, drinking or eating.

Imagine now, a world where vaping has become something people do like they smoked in those old days. They smoked because it gave them pleasure. The smoker in me vapes because it gives me pleasure like smoking did.

What if there is a "smoker-aspect" in all humans. We like repetitive, comforting actions. When tobacco companies produced cigarettes for the masses, it appealed because it was a cheap, easy and convenient way for people to feel better for a short while. Cigarettes didn't make people drunk or violent or addle their thinking. A cigarette seemed to make whatever you were doing feel nicer.

Vaping makes my life feel nicer. The nicotine in my e liquid, addresses my concerns for risk of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. I would have gone on smoking just for the nicotine protection. But I prefer vaping. So I am a vaper now. Vaping seems far less addictive to me than smoking ever was. I never get the screaming heebie jeebies if I can't vape, like I used to get if I couldn't have a smoke.

So, if humans enjoy pleasurable things like smoking, drinking and eating, people might try vaping and find it makes life nicer. Imagine if everyone took up vaping and it became as popular as smoking was, and we could do it everywhere in a relaxed non-discriminatory and nicer world. I think that would be absolutely wonderful!

But this vision of the future is what is terrifying the anti smoking industry. Vaping might become the new smoking. This is what I think they mean when they talk about vaping "normalising" smoking.

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