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Monday, 23 April 2012

What not to do in a live broadcast

I had so much fun at 2.00am this morning. I was interviewed on Vapersplace live talk radio by Kev with the lovely laugh. Of course, I couldn't HEAR myself, so I listened this morning. Well, what a shock. I was so noisey! Not only do I have a sort of low gruff voice typical of of smoker of 50 years, but I cleared my throat, shifted about, and banged things! What on earth was I doing? Couldn't figure it out myself.

But this is what I now know.

In a live talk radio interview, do not sit on a swiveling computer chair with your legs entangled in computer cables connecting your laptop to the electricity, router and earphones. It makes scuffeling noises as you try to extricate your legs from the mess.

 In a live talk radio interview, lock your pets in the bedroom so they don't rub themselves against your entangled legs, or lie on your entangled feet, or otherwise try to inquire from you what you are doing up in your pyjamas at 2:00am.

In a live talk radio interview, do not bang your PV device down on the wooden surface that is supporting your laptop with its sensitive mic. Especially do not do that everytime you've vaped. You CAN hold the device in your hand between vapes. Or better still, if you are really nervous, a side table, or soft cloth might cushion the blows that will be heard in the broadcast.

In a live talk radio interview, remember that words like "so" and "and" or "so so" and "and and" can get irritatingly repetitive and you can't edit them out like you do in your videos.

In a live talk radio interview, remember to thank the interviewer for all his skill in making you feel relaxed and seem reasonably intelligent against all odds.

Thank you Kev at VapersPlace - it was a blast!