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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Plain paper packaging - not!

Have a look here  at how a box of cigarettes might look under the new possible (read probable) regulations for plain paper packaged cigarettes.  Plain paper not.

But could be collector's items in the future? There'll be loads of diseases of all kinds to decorate the "plain packaged" boxes with because we all know smoking causes most of the illnesses known to science.

I come from the generation that should have dropped like flies because of our smoking - but we are all, now,  just a drain on society - too many of us to cope with evidently.

I loved smoking - but I think I'm having more "fun" vaping.

Having lived through the change from "Smoking is normal" to "Smoking is unacceptable" I get a bit tetchy about the determined attempt to blot the habit off the face of the earth. We've been smoking something or other since the beginning of time. The smoking hatred I see around me, scares me like any other kind of intense self righteous zeal. Feels like society unhinged.

Hope it's never turned on vapers.