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Monday, 9 April 2012

Vaping on

I read Do bans cause heavier smoking? with complete understanding. I was exactly the same. I think most smokers are forced to smoke more because of the bans. I often used to smoke two home rollies back-to-back if I knew there was no respite for a fag in my near future. Furthermore, as the legislation tightened it's grip on smokers, I felt more angry and more determined to smoke and not to stop.  And more desperate to defend my right to choose to smoke.

The old anti-smoking slogan that "Smokers have no choice because they are "enslaved" to smoking", makes my blood boil. The strangest thing about this statement that makes it a lie, are the numbers of people I know and have known in my long life who simply stopped smoking because they didn't want to do it any more. Something simply clicks over in their brains and they "chose" not to smoke. And they have told me that once they made the decision, it was easier than they ever thought.

I smoked without any desire to stop. I have loved smoking. Some of the best moments of my life are those I experienced whilst smoking. I remember many, many wonderful cigarettes. I really am still a smoker in my mind. And thus, the way smokers are treated enflames my passion - as it would if I were still actually smoking. Society has been criminally lied to and lead to feel free to treat smokers in anyway they please - PURPOSEFULLY - by the anti smoking lobby. In that sculpting, oberservers should feel fear at how the thoughts we think are embedded by external manipulation.

Does society ever have it's own thoughts - ever? Throughout History,  the masses are sculpted by our "betters" to do what we are told.

So I'm a smoker who vapes. There - stick that where it's uncomfortable! Don't you dare tangle with us vapers - your lies and twististics didn't work on me in the past - and they won't work if you produce any in the future. I'll just vape on. So there!