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Sunday, 22 April 2012

To the Gods of Google

I am TRYING to set up a google+ account for vapingpoint - or vaping point - THAT is my blog name, my twitter name, my youtube name and my email name!  That is what I am KNOWN as.

That is not my name you say? Well it is to people "out there". I don't mind giving you my birth name - but I have already got a google+ account in that name and to display it as my name in my vapingpoint google+ account is totally useless to me. The people I want to network with do not know me by that name!

I have sent in appeals with all my evidence too, and after the first refusal, I get no reply or even an acknowledgement, which shows you have no manners either. And my profile is STILL suspended.

This blog is specially for you! How else do I contact you?