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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Vaping Trolls

In the vaping video world, steeljan just closed up shop because - well not sure - but because of trolls, it seems.

I was thinking about trolls from an historical perspective. I think trolls have always been with us. In the Middle Ages, trolls tipped chamber-pot contents on the heads of their targets as they walked along the street. Or they lobbed rotten eggs and fruit at you, and ruined your self esteem and your day. 

Trolls express themselves. What are they expressing? Well, to me, they are expressing the depths of their self-loathing. They get self-confirmation by trolling. They get the thrill of knowing they have made a difference to someone else. Trolls are the rotten egg lobbers of the internet. We must remember that THEY are the ones who own the shit, or the stinking eggs or the mouldy fruit. That is all they own. Just like in the Middle Ages, such behaviour simply confirms how arrid their inner life is.

Internet videos seethe with richness. Colourful people, with interesting ideas and personalities offer videos communicating information to us in every kind of way - the good, the bad and the ugly. But hey, we are all different and THAT is what makes it all so fascinating. Out there, on youtube, there are the most varied set of e-cig reviwers - these folk and their videos are a wonderful teaching aid for us newbee vapers. Long may they carry on!

Fortunately, youtube has a device to protect us from the worst trolls. Comments, ratings and opinions can be monitored, allowed, disallowed, blocked, deleted, disabled and reported. We can close down nearly every aspect of the responses we recieve at any time, even on old videos. This is our umbrella that we can use to avoid the chamber-pot shit of the trollers falling on our heads as we walk down the street.

Trouble is, our curiosity and vanity makes us leave these open, just to see what people are saying about us. How people communicate with us is the delightful part of youtubing. It's an unhappy moment when we find we got lobbed with a rotten egg.