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Thursday, 12 April 2012

"Light" Cigarettes

I had a thought today. The people so far in my life who can't seem to handle vaping, are those who smoke "light" cigarettes - i.e. cigarettes with only the shadow of nicotine in them.

What is it about low nicotine cigarettes that make them so addictive?  Well, it's not the nicotine for sure!

Years ago, I was at a meeting (in the days we smoked at meetings) and I found myself next to a doctor (who also smoked). He told me I should not be tempted to change to "light" cigarettes because I'd smoke more, get less satisfaction, and inhale more adverse chemicals from the burning tobacco than if I just smoked a good normal cigarette. Well, in those days, a normal cigarette was about 18mg. and that's what I smoked for most of my life.

I only changed to home-rollies when I arrived in the UK and found smoking so very expensive.

So from a platform of home-rollies (American Spirit Tobacco) I easily transferred to vaping.

From a platform of smoking cigarettes with hardly any nicotine in them, my friend and my sister,  seem trapped by their brand.

How did anyone ever get the idea that smoking "light" cigarettes would be better for you than just smoking?

I think it was at the time when the anti-smoking lobby was demonising nicotine for us. When that got blown up out of all proportion by clever scientists in laborotaries, they omitted to figure out that all the OTHER gunk in cigarettes was the bit that was making us sick. The Tobacco Companies quickly produced cigarettes with less vile, evil and poisonous nicotine in them, yes? People could feel virtuous smoking them!