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Thursday, 30 August 2012

Incandescent! Shame on you, Facebook.

Vaping is legal in the UK. I am a UK citizen. I use facebook to watch the trends in vaping AND find out what products are avaliable to buy. You try to rule me by your USA mentality? How very backward you are in devising a policy that lumps electronic cigarettes in with tobacco cigarettes. It simply shows your utter and profound IGNORANCE and your herd mentality in attempting to apply Tobacco Control to a networking site. Tobacco Control has got nothing to hold over vaping. Vaping is NOT smoking. Vaping is not a "tabacco" product. Vaping is the most useful smokers' harm-reduction product yet known. You should be promoting vaping in every way - you could save lives!

The thing that has really made me incandescent is not the fact that you have taken down sites before they could download their information - you should be sued for that - nor that you do not want merchants of electronic cigarettes "selling" their wares on facebook, whilst merchants of other products are welcome to,  but that you have SINGLED OUT  vaping to have something to do with tobacco!  Vaping is a means to get OFF tobacco....It seems such an easy concept. Why is it so hard to understand?

As a UK citizen over whom you have no jurisdiction, I say, until you can get your head around how useful electronic cigarettes really are, how less harmful than smoking they are, and how really they are nothing to do with tobacco, how they are currently the best way for smokers to quit smoking, you are pushing a policy as backward as clubbing or stoning or burning witches at a stake  - shame on you!