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Saturday, 18 August 2012

White van vaping

Today I went out with my husband on deliveries in a white van. I did this once before when I was smoking. That time was a real pain. Had to leap out everytime we stopped at a delivery point so I could get my fix. Today was a pleasure - I just vaped.  I did recall a case when electronic cigarettes were very new, when a white van man was charged with smoking in his vehicle after a nosey parker spying on him while he ate his lunch in a parking lot, reported him. In the court case that followed, he was fined for smoking in the vehicle even though he demonstrated the electronic cigarette in court

Of course I was incensed at the injustice! I really enjoy that feeling. I will know I'm dead when I never have that feeling. The world is full of injustice so I am kept busy.

So, whilst sitting eating my lunch and vaping, it occurred to me that some other busy body might report me. I would have been proud to have had the opportunity to show my devices off in court!