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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Squawking vaping

I believe most of what we think we know has been manipulated by someone for some reason.  I believe a lot of what we repeat parrot fashion, we should research for ourselves. Or, at least, question if we are just being parrots, or real thinkers. It's much easier to be a parrot. But that just spreads the manipulation and soon, everyone is repeating the same falsehood.

Take politics. I believe we are horribly manipulated - words fail when watching the spin, the wars for oil, gold, power and greed. The halls of UK Government are corrupt. We have made pacts with lobby groups we fund from our own taxes, to pass laws we do not want. We parrot and repeat the phrases and dogmas they promote without much thought because we think they are the "experts".  

Take food. I believe diabetics (type 2) are being told to eat the wrong foods. A well-balanced diet with bread, potatoes, oats for breakfast is what the medical profession keeps parroting. They are wrong!  It almost seems, they want to keep themselves in business - well the drug companies do.

Take smoking. I believe we have been fed falsehoods about  smoking and Second Hand Smoke. Parrots have instilled fear into people who think they might fall dead if they just get a whiff of it. Smokers are non-people, lepers - and those who indulge are squawked at. There is little evidence to support the dangers of SHS - but it keeps the drug companies selling Nicotine Replacement Therapies to the non-people.

Take vaping. Have you ever heard or read falsehoods being peddled about vaping?  If you have, then you will understand why you can't really believe anything much about anything else you hear or read either - there'll be some nefarious reason behind the parrots squawking it.