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Friday, 31 August 2012

Vaping,Lobby Groups and sheeple-people!

I have been puzzling at what a strange political system we have. In the UK,  the Government seems to be completely out of contact with real people. They pass laws that no one I have ever met, agrees with or have even known about. I thought the UK was a democracy. But it never feels like one.  It gets worse as I get older and I have never quite been able to grasp why. Well - at last - I KNOW!

The UK is NOT a democracy - in fact most "democracies" are not. They are sick and corrupt places. THIS PAPER "Sock Puppets" might be the most important document you ever read. If you read it all - properly - you will never be the same again. It might take you several days to get your head around this because it's 40 something pages, but when the penny drops, you, like me, will be able to put your finger on the problem we have in our country and other countries. And you will feel a whole lot better knowing it.

Lobby Groups are the reason we live in a truth-less world.  Governments legislate and brainwash their citizens with information that has bias built in. The bias of the Lobby. And the people-sheeple just repeatle-bleatle.

To protect vaping, we should fight this system where governments are brainwashed by minority groups. Tobacco Control in the UK is paid for by US with our taxes! And the fact that they are trying to lump vaping in as a "tobacco" product, exposes how they have lied about other things too - they twist statistics and use "science" to their own ends. The root of the whole problem are the lobby groups. Tobacco Control in particular.  

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