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Saturday, 4 August 2012

Evolutionary Vaping

I found a video clip from Ruyan's promotional video circa 2007. It's quite funny to watch – and very illuminating as to how the idea of “an electronic cigarette” has morphed into a whole vaping cult. If you notice, the original e-cig as manufactured by Ruyan produced pathetic amounts of vapour – if any at all!

So vaping as it is done now, in all it's intricacies of mixing juice, home made vaping machines, the joy of making clouds of vapour and even blowing smoke rings, is quite different to what it started out to be.

I have visions for the future. As a pharmacist Hon Lik – the inventor of the e cigarette must have had knowledge of nebulisers. In fact on Wiki – the e cig is listed as such. Already the marijuana mob are vaping their chemical. So my vision would be that mainstream medicine stops yakking on about the health hazard of vaping and use this amazing invention to deliver helpful pharmaceuticals. The fact that they are already investigating e cigs as a better nicitine replacement therapy makes me both pleased and horrified. Currently, the way ordinary people are using and making their own equipment, juices and sharing their knowledge freely and enthusiastically is an amazing e cig evolution. Huyan, the originators are fighting legal battles world wide, trying to keep the power to themselves. I think it will be a losing battle. Already, their stuff looks old fashioned.

But the idea that Big Pharma gets involved is terrifying – we will have a lobby group outlawing vaping and Pharmaceutical Companies might attempt to make massive profits from sales of personal medical “nebulisers”. This might be the only legal way for the ordinary mortal to vape. Still, I am hoping, with human ingenuity, that will never happen. And we need to make sure it never does.