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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Vapers, COMPLAIN if it's bad.

Our local Spar now stock E-Lites. I have never tried them. I hope they are adequate. Some electronic cigarettes that I have tried should make the manufacturers hang their heads in shame. The worst thing aout them is that they put people off vaping.

In 2008/9 Christmas and New Year, our family met together from all over the world. I bought an electronic cigarette to use for the week. It was hell. I eventually dumped any idea of using such an instrument of torture and went back to smoking for nearly another two years. In that time, technology had advanced and my second try was successful and I moved over to vaping like a duck to water.

Trouble is, some so called electronic cigarettes are far from the standard they should be. Up till now, our Spar shop has been selling THESE! (Poor man,I bet he never switched )

So maybe we are progressing up here in t'coontray!

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