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Friday, 26 October 2012

Offensive in every way.

 Tobacco Control Triumph...

The first packs come out in Oz

I think this Tobacco Control action of forcing cigarette packs to flout sensational photos on "PLAIN"! PACKS  is totally offensive visually. I have written before that this, to me, is a criminal subliminal and an act of violence on smokers who are also citizens. The fact that this is actually happening in a democratic country, flabbergasts me. I would be so proud if the UK does not commit this crime.

The pictures on these packs have been chosen for their shock value and many do not come from victims of smoking at all! So that is also a lie. That offends me too. Lying to people about smoking has been going on for years and we, as vapers, should not fall for them. Just the term "Smoking Kills" (the most common mantra), is not actually a truth. The nearest to truth is that "Smoking sometimes kills some people". I would be so proud if the UK does not commit this crime of "plain"packaging, lying both visually and in text to its citizens.

Forcing a legitimate product be sold in packaging denigrating itself I find offensive. There is something revolting about it, like forcing Jewish people wear the star of David during the hate campaign they endured. Tobacco Corporations have been as truly devious as other Corporations in whose webs we are entangled. I would be so proud if the UK does not commit this crime against a legitimate Corporation encouraged by "The Department of Health" - a lobby group, not actually a UK Government department at all - but simply another type of deviousness!

As a vaper, I am acutely aware that I am a smoker who vapes and that these crimes promoted by Tobacco Control could also be perpetrated against us. 

Here is a really excellent paper on Plain Packaging for the serious minded vaper.

I hope The UK Government will NOT sanction "Plain Packaging". I would like to feel proud.