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Thursday, 11 October 2012

Powerless by omission

I am listening to Ravengrim's broadcast as I do weekly. Her show "Anti Nanny" intrigues me as I LEARN something everytime I listen. This episode is episode 7. Astonishingly - there are SEVENTEEN people standing for the coming elections in the USA. I have only heard of Romney and Obama! Obviously what we are allowed to know is under tight control.

We are lied to by omission.

Whatever we read in the media is biased lying - lying by what we are NOT told. Why is there nothing in the media (in the UK) about these other candidates? How many other people are as surprised as I am?

Why was there nothing in the media about Jimmy Savile molesting adolescents which, it seems, everyone knew about? We were lied to by omission, even if our inner voices told us this guy was creepy, grotesque in fact. How could we know the truth when the Media (BBC) built up a "fake" hero and sold him to us mugs.

As Ravengrim points out in her broadcast, those candidates standing in the USA, create an awkward situation because they are the ones challenging the Government on subjects they really don't want to talk about. And - they don't have MONEY! So they are omitted.

Jimmy Savile and the BBC had money and power - any awkward situations that came up could simply be omitted.

Lying by omission, is very popular. Drug companies only publish "good" results in drug trials. Anti Tobacco only publish "bad" data about smoking to promote anti smoking fervour. We are going to see that happening about vaping.

How do we learn about OMISSIONS? Read the internet and suspect the media for everything they write because they are in the pockets of those with money and power. They are NOT the people's friend.

The Jimmy Savile saga is a perfect example of how the press, TV and the government mouthpiece - the BBC - sculptured the public into silly sheep parting with millions of pounds and omitting the truth of the man. There are lots of "deniers" yelling that Jimmy Savile is innocent. But he isn't. His victims have been powerless because they were just ordinary people, and not rich and powerful themselves. Now the secret is being discussed openly,  the law HAS to take notice. I'm sure lots will be disclosed.

So, to sum up - we live in a fake world, seeing only partial things that are presented TO us. The whole picture would be truly fascinating - but I dream!

I'm sure one the the only two candidates that I know about for the upcoming elections in the USA will win. The rest have been made powerless by their omission.


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  1. " There are lots of "deniers" yelling that Jimmy Savile is innocent. But he isn't."

    Really? Sure about that? I don't remember a trial.