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Monday, 15 October 2012

How us vapers can help

I am expecting a delivery tomorrow - so today I sorted out my vaping stuff. I find, over a year, I have collected at least three sets of batteries, cartomisers, e liquid and equipment that I have grown out of that would be useful to someone else.

During this year, I have already handed out three useable "sets" to people wanting to try vaping. One person, bought her own eventually, and is still vaping, which pleases me. Someone said to me - don't give things out "free" ! People really only appreciated something they paid for.

I look at it differently - I live in the country. There is no way you can quickly get an electronic cigarette here if you are suddenly enthused to use one because of my influence! I am right with them to show them how to fill a carto, to draw slowly, and how to use them. It's nice to say "Take it with you - see how you go". 

There is some inner feeling in the recipients (maybe) that "Liz gave this to me, I better try it again today".  I know one young student I gave a little set, only stopped using it because the charger broke. Well, replacing it is up to him - but he is back home in Cypress. I don't know what happens in Cypress.

So, why hold on to perfectly useable stuff when we have grown out of it? Give it away!

I think when someone is enthused by what WE do, we should strike while the iron is hot!