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Monday, 1 October 2012

To Frank Davis - vapers need you!

I have a favourite blog I follow - Frank Davis

I like this blog because sincerity shines through. He writes simply and absolutely from his heart.

My very moving glimpse into the man himself was this post. We  must not forget how the smoking ban has changed peoples' lives.

I don't agree with everything Frank says, but says it so well.

I found out today that he has an electronic cigarette - untouched for 18 months. Vaping is the thing that has made my life more pleasant than it ever was before when I was ducking and diving all the anti-smoking regulations.  I was a smoker for 50 years and was DETERMINED never to stop. The more the noose tightened - the more distressed and determined I became.

C'mon Frank - you can be physically comfortable anywhere (almost) you like - vaping is really as good as smoking - only better. But you can continue fighting for smokers like you always have.

I believe we vapers need to challenge Tobacco Control as they turn their attention on US. Frank - we need you on our side!

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