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Sunday, 31 March 2013

Vapoteurs have authority to speak

We should confidently claim our authority.

This is the free dictionary definition of "authority"

8. Confidence derived from experience or practice; firm self-assurance: played the sonata with authority.
All vapoteurs have authority. Our authority comes from our experience of vaping. We absolutely KNOW about vaping because we are vaping.
No Authority (different meaning) should override our authority. 
Definition of Authority -
a. The power to enforce laws, exact obedience, command, determine, or judge.
b. One that is invested with this power, especially a government or body of government officials: land titles issued by the civil authority.
2. Power assigned to another; authorization: Deputies were given authority to make arrests.
3. A public agency or corporation with administrative powers in a specified field: a city transit authority.
These people in Authority, have no authority. In the UK, Public Health Authorities are very confusing. Some are simply Lobby Groups, Sock Puppets who get our taxes to lobby the Government about things that THEY deem important. In other countries, Lobbying is controlled. Here we pay lobby groups to lobby! They are businesses to my mind.
Within Government there is a Government Health Department.
They can do extraordinary things like desire to close down a heart unit in a hospital, be legally thwarted by public outrage, and then, do it anyway (because that's what they wanted to do in the first place to cut expenses), showing us that people in the UK have very little power.

Looks good on paper, yes?

A Government is a registered Corporation. We pay the employees with our taxes. (that includes doctors, teachers, the police). I have seen a frightening growth of Authority in my life time. Science is an Authority on just about everything and leads our culture by the ring in our symbolic noses. Because Authority is intimidating, we become feint hearted before it. We obey - even if it is non-logical.

But, Vapoteurs (life-style vapers), keep heart. About vaping WE are authorities.