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Friday, 12 July 2013

E-cigs save lives? Whaaaat?

I have taken the profile pic "Ecigs save lives" on Twitter because I truly have admiration for those that have actually done something by putting it together. It's short, fits the box and is punchy. But it's annoying people! see Class Warfare and Saving Lives

It makes me slightly uneasy too. Firstly, lots of us do not use e-cigs! I hate the term electronic CIGARETTES. We have been doomed from the start by using this term. I can see how for some, it's ok - it really is a cigarette, even looks like a cigarette, and that's what people want if they are switching from cigarettes. Why is it the "cig" part makes me cringe?

Well, I have worked out why it does. It reminds me of all the discrimination, persecution, comments, legislations and hurt I endured whilst smoking. Cigarettes are analogous to PAIN - emotional pain.

I am sure that motive is in the hearts of many vapers who are trying to separate themselves from the smoking camp. We avoid pain, emotional pain, by vaping! To be a member of the most dreadfully persecuted minority in the world is frightening.

I know we vapoteurs are in at the beginning of the first technological innovation for nicotine use that is safer than smoking, so things are developing and "vaping" itself is a new term that seems to be going to stick.  Yet the vapour we produce dooms us too. It looks like smoking!

Do e-cigs save lives? Or is it a claim that will make smokers snort with derision and the ignorant snigger? It's a huge claim, which in itself might make us look like exaggerating fundamentalists. It's the exact opposite of "Smoking Kills".

As a vaper, "e-cigs save lives" says more than it seems. I know how vaping has affected my health for the better. When I was a smoker I never intended to stop and, even after 50 years of smoking, I was  well. And I know people much older than me (95!), who are well and healthy smokers too. Smoking does NOT kill. And we are not totally sure that e-cigs will necessarily make me live longer, but certainly, they IMPROVED my life!

Diabetes is a pretty horrible condition if left untreated. You can go blind, lose limbs and vitality, and indeed any enjoyment from life. For a diabetic "ZeroCarbs saves lives" would imply that life would be better and possibly longer if diabetics controlled their diet. Diabetes is a spin off of our very incorrect modern food intake.

"E-cigs save lives" to US means that - improving and possibly extending our potential lifespan. But what does it mean to other people, non smokers, anti-smokers, Tom Dick and Harry?

"Vaping saves lives" isn't any better really. and who the hell knows what vaping is when even on TV presenters talk about SMOKING e-cigarettes!

In Brussels, 2000 black balloons were popped to symbolise the lives lost if  AM57 : medicine regulation applied to e-cigs was voted through at the ENVI meeting, as it was. But a lot of the twististics on smoking/smoking related deaths are pie in the sky guesses anyway - 2000 ? 500? who knows.

I think Tom Dick and Harry haven't a clue what we actually mean when we pop balloons representing lives lost, or have bumper stickers propounding "e-cigs save lives". They do not understand the life transforming thing vaping is as WE do. Our passion looks peculiar. They actually haven't a clue.

They just think "Whaaaat?"