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Sunday, 7 July 2013

Vaping is Smoking - but different. Vaping is NRT - but different. Vaping delusions

Taken for a comment on this blog.

To me, vaping is smoking - but different.  It's different because vapers are so enthusiastic about vaping, more enthusiastic than they were when they smoked. Vaping is also NRT - but different. No one is enthusiastic about patches or gum.

As a survivor of the smoking age, and from my own experiences in life, I find it very hard to believe the "scientific" evidence that second hand smoke can kill you at all. None of my friends or family have proved it.That was used to twist the minds of the public so that they would join the witch hunt against smokers. ITS TOBACCO CONTROLS' ONE SINGLE BIGGEST PIECE OF PROPAGANDA. I hear and read, and indeed my MP said to me the same thing "No one can deny that second hand smoke kills". This one "fact" makes smokers feel guilty and the rest of society, angry at us. Everyone becomes pliable and smokers just crumbled in the face of it. I couldn't believe the turning of society happened so easily. The world is worse for it.

Added to that, the decorative bits are that smoking smells, smokers smell. These things are what smokers can't actually deny.

So along comes vaping. My very first response was "What a good idea!" I tried it in 2008/2009 - it was shit. But in 2011, when the technology had advanced, I had a whole different experience. I accidentally found I preferred vaping to smoking. But I consider myself a smoker that vapes. My background mentally comes from a place before brainwashing. Everyone smoked. It was "normal". I am an angry smoker that constantly rants about the way smokers are persecuted.

But many vapers are the product of the lies and distortion put about by Tobacco Control Industry. Some believe they are better than smokers, and that vaping is something different - but is it?. Vaping is NRT some think. But it is pleasing and delightful to do - not like NRT at all.

The difference between my attitude and those vapers who are trying to save their necks by clambering up the pyramid of suffering smokers, putting their feet in the mouths and ears of the already persecuted, is that they do not want the same thing as happened to smokers to happen to us. It's a kind of panic. So they use the anti-smoking rhetoric as a way of making us vapers look better than smokers. And also to sell their products! It is truly sad. But I understand why it is happening.

The shame of it is, that what we do is considered smoking and our lot will be the same as that from which we thought we'd escaped. We should also be fighting for relaxations in the smoking ban and removing medical porn nocebos on cigarette packaging. We should be on the side of smokers, not against them. Loads of us are working to save our lives at Brussels, black balloons and all. Vaping, for me, is the new smoking - smoking in the technological age. And I am really pleased that I don't smell of cigarettes.

I feel I have lived through a golden age of smoking - it was wonderful. And a golden age of vaping - and that's been lovely too.

But because of greed, corruption, and righteousness becoming an industry, I might be done for again! I will be gutted if we make no progress with our cause in the EU. But then, smokers endure their suffering, with very little hope for a future without persecution. It is our delusion that their plight will not be ours too and that what happens to smokers has nothing to do with US.

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