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Thursday, 5 September 2013

What vaper doesn't know you can vape in the john?!

I just read this article

The 9 Laws Of E-Cigarettiquette: A Handy Guide For E-Cigarette Smokers

The question asked when it was posted was "Do you agree?"

And no - I don't agree!

Why don't I agree?  Well, this is why.

Rule One (no -sorry, its backwards) Rule Nine - You may not puff your e-cig at movies.
Well, I agree, you should not PUFF your e-cig at the movies, but there is nothing to stop you stealth vaping. Every vaper should learn to stealth vape so they can vape at the movies.

Rule Eight  - you may not vape at the dinner table. I always vape at the dinner table. And if it's not MY dinner table, I have found my hosts all know I vape and don't mind. In restaurants I go out with the smokers if I have to, but otherwise I stealth vape.

Rule Seven - Refrain from vaping in an open office (what is an open office?) but here again - stealth vape in the drawer or down your blouse, or in the stock cupboard or have a relaxed vape in the loo.

Rule Six - Don't vape in the john. Oh for God's sake!

Rule Five - Vaping isn't for quitters. After reading this several times it implies if you have an anologue, you have let other vapers down. You want an analogue? Be my guest - it's none of my business and I really don't mind! If you do have a cigarette, you haven't even let yourself down - the guilt about it will do you worse harm than the cigarette. Never feel guilty.

Rule Four - Don't vape e-cigs on public transportation. Again, stealth vape. Some transportation allows vaping - if it does - VAPE - spread the word!

Rule Three - Cigarette smokers are not your inferiors - don't act like they are. Praise! I agree. Let's patronise cigarette smokers by adding Rule Three.

Rule Two - Do not vape around children. Why not? The world is full of things children should see and know about. Children should know and see that some adults smoke cigarettes and others drink alcohol, or stuff themselves with food. They should see that people come in all colours, sizes, silliness and wisdom. Children should know and see that adults are not perfect, but are just grown ups doing stuff that grown ups do. That way, they will not be taken by surprise when they are grown up, or think your'e a lying git when they discover you vape.

Rule One - don't leave a trail of e-cig cartridges and wrappers lying around. Now this rule exposes all! These rules were not witten by a vaper. Thse rules were written by an anti-smoker to create the same restraints on vapers that are imposed on smokers. What vaper talks about "cartridges"?  When did YOU, dear reader, last use a "cartridge"?

And what vaper doesn't know you can vape in the john?!