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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Damned if we do - damned if we don't

I just did a surprise interview on Radio  Cumbria  - Kevin Fernihough doing "smoking" e-cigs. Alix Martin was on before me - and god knows what I actually said - I hadn't really got up yet - and I still haven't cleaned my teeth even now. We both made it clear that we "smoked"! electronic cigarettes as a substitute for smoking. Alix pointed out that her electronic e-cigs looked nothing like cigarettes. And we were both asked if we thought a Derby football club handing out e-cigs to be used by smokers on the stands was a good idea. Well - of course we both did.

Trouble is, after that, there was me trying to tune into Radio Cumbria. Couldn't find it! It's not on the Telly and my brand new very expensive windows 8 laptop would not play it in desktop - but I have discovered more machinations by Microsoft. On a touchscreen windows 8, you have everything you need to do everything you want on Internet Explorer ONLY. I never use Internet Explorer on principle. I only use Microsoft, having used Ubuntu for years, because everybodybloodyelse does and in my work I have to.

So by the time I tuned in, all I heard was negative stuff.

So I have been thinking how we vapers damn ourselves.

We damn ourselves by admitting vaping is a substitute for smoking. Anti-smokers will be baying for blood - and as someone on the program pointed out - vaping is just normalising smoking and kids will do it. And also - it's not "safe".

We damn ourselves to smokers by arse creeping to the anti-smokers, pointing out vaping stops people smoking - ie - quit smoking - the disgusting stinking habit.  Yet anti smokers are not having the same illusion! They can see what vaping really is.

75% of vapers doing my survey think they are "ex"smokers. That is true for them, but not to the antis.

Soubry and her ilk  in the EU are doing their devils work because they want to get control of this modern form of smoking before it replaces the old fashioned form. They must be scared witless.They still think the Tobaco Companies invented vaping and us activist bloggers, youtubers and tweeters are in their pay!

Vaping is the modern form of smoking damns us because smoking is so disgusting and shameful we can hardly articulate it and it is not politically correct - see Soubry confession.

Vaping is the modern form of quitting damns us because smoking is disgusting and shameful - and we have to work hard to get around why vaping needs to be medicalised.

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