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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

No. I won't do Stoptober

This was my Last Year's Stoptober blog.

For me nothing has changed  I still vape. But if I were a smoker, I'd be just as pissed off as I was last year.  Why should smokers be challenged to stop smoking? Whoever is left are the last bastion. I consider myself one of them. And the others will become the last bastion under more and more pressure they are made to endure. Smokers have been singled out for discrimination and persecution like no other group I can think of. The Government is spending money on this Stoptober thing - MY money! Smokers consume a perfectly legal product from which the Governments of all countries scoop off a huge profit after smokers have paid for their own smoking related illnesses. They do not cost anything. They are a money making asset to any country.

Switch to vaping  which is now eroding tobacco sales and Government taxes profits, and there is a scramble to get vaping under control so it can make billions for Governments and their lobby groups by medicalising it.

In the Stoptober campaign, they will be pushing NRT. They will not be pushing vaping as a way to get through a whole month of not smoking.

I will make it my business not to encourage anyone to stop smoking in any way at all. If folks wish to smoke, that's OK by me. It's their choice. Also, I am aware that in a few years time (if the nitwits who rule us haven't been able to secure vaping for their own profit) I might be paying for an "event" that encourages all filthy disgusting nicotine addicts, to stop "using" for a month with taxes levied on vaping.