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Monday, 16 September 2013

Well I never! Do you know this? Steeping

I make my own e liquid and I admit I am rarely on Forums so I'm sure there are huge holes in my knowledge; but I never knew about this! (Thank you Cool Breeze)

When I say I make my own e liquid, I mix a base. I fill my tank with base and add flavouring. Maybe I should change my method of production. I think I'm missing out!

"Essentially steeping (in the context that we are interested in, i.e. for e-liquids), is a process, or number of processes, used to blend, age and mature an e-liquid, to the point where the best flavour can be obtained from vaping it.

Steeping will provide the best possible flavour from our e-juice by rounding out any harsh flavours, blending multiple flavours together, developing, maturing or ageing flavours. Flavourings need to completely diffuse into the base liquid.

In addition, air is required to interact with the e-liquid, this causes oxidation, replenishing the air in the bottle will help oxidation and in turn quicken steeping, leaving the cap off helps (but make sure it is in a safe position, out of the reach of children and pets). As an e-liquid steeps it will normally darken, this can be an indication as to when an e-liquid has matured, and usually the higher the Nicotine strength, the darker your e-liquid will turn.

This is a recommendation for all e-liquids not just ours, all will improve with some steeping, manufacturers usually bottle as soon as an e-liquid is made, this halts the steeping process to a degree, employing the “cap off and dark warm place method”, will improve 99.9% of e-liquids."

And there follows  Various methods used to steep e-liquids


The first and most traditional method of steeping is “Time”. Leaving the top off the bottle (allowing air to get to it) will steep and improve an e-liquid by itself, this is usually done by placing the opened bottle in a warm dark place for anything from a day or two up to a week, occasionally giving the bottle a squeeze to expel the air in it and replenish it with fresh air. Benefits are naturally steeped and matured juice, disadvantage, the length of time it takes.
Steeping however, in particular the time element, can be reduced by also employing a number of additional methods.


Vigourous shaking, stirring, etc will help, allow time for the air bubbles to rise to the surface and then repeat again (as many times as you want).

Water Bath Heating

Putting the bottle of juice in a warm (not hot) water bath will shorten the time it takes to mature an e-liquid, it firstly thins the e-liquid and allows interchange and fusion at a molecular level. However, HEAT is an enemy of Nicotine, it will degrade the Nicotine content if too hot. WARM not HOT water is advised.


Be sure to take the cap off first!
Another method of heating is a microwave. This acts like above, but also has another action thought to do with increased molecular particle fusion when e-liquid is blasted with microwaves. Once again, Heat is an enemy of Nicotine, so use in short 1 sec bursts to get it warm, not hot. 

Using any (or a combination) of the above methods and then allowing time in a warm dark place, will improve any e-liquid considerably. This isn’t something I’ve tried myself, but having read quite a lot of forums and discussion boards/Facebook, Reddit etc, I know this is a very popular method.

How long do I let an e-liquid steep?

The answer is “as long as it takes”. No two e-liquids are the same, or will taste the same to you or me. Not only are peoples’ taste buds different, also the time that they have been tobacco smoke free will make a difference. Someone who still smoke the occasional “cigarette” may not realise it, but their taste buds will not be in “tip top” condition compared to someone who has not smoked a cigarette for weeks, months or even years. 

Only you can say when an e-liquid tastes “great” it may be as little as a day or two, but, you will have to experiment, one thing is definite, given time to mature and using some of the methods above, they will improve from the first opening of a bottle.

This is a recommendation for all e-liquids not just ours, all will improve with some steeping, manufacturers usually bottle as soon as an e-liquid is made, this halts the steeping process to a degree, employing the “cap off and dark warm place method”, will improve 99.9% of e-liquids. Because we make all e-liquids “fresh to order”, you can be sure that the e-liquid you purchase from us has not been sitting around in a store room for months. This means that every bottle of e-liquid you purchase from us will be at the same point, so you can repeat the process which suits you best and get the same result.


  1. Some flavors, mostly fruity ones do not steep much or at all.
    But for some and for all tobacco flavors steeping really makes a difference.

    I mostly use the time method.
    For hygienic reasons I do not like to have open bottles.
    But if you do not fill the bottles more than to 3/4 the remaining air in the bottle seems to be enough for the marvelous flavor transformation.

    1. Thank you for more information. What about sweet flavours, puddingy e liquid?

    2. Sorry, as I do not like these I have no idea if the profit from steeping or not.

    3. Anything with vanilla seems to steep quite well I find.

  2. Thanks Liz for sharing that with everyone, people are sometimes bemused by steeping and I for one when I did my research on this was amazed at the "microwave" method, I tried this for the first time yesterday, I gave it 5 blasts of 1 second each over a 5 minute period, I gave the bottle a rigorous shake up and the difference of before and after was incredible, so no more waiting around for weeks for things to steep, my preferred method now is the "microwave" one. Can I say though, make sure there are no silver, gold or metallic bits on your labeling and YES please make sure you take the cap off first xx thanks once again Liz xx Linda

  3. I didn't realize that steeping time was an issue. Thanks for sharing this, Liz!

  4. I'm a newbie to vaping and received some very herbal tasting e-liquid. They said it's so fresh that the nicotine is what tastes herbal and suggested the warm bath to steep it and correct the problem. I searched steeping and found your post. Thank you for the information and I will definately try some of these methods.


    1. unfortuneately for me, Ive had at least 2 vapors that tasted like thick vegetable oil, with so little flavor. I did the whole steeping thing with 1 and it never did improve but it did with the other..

    2. what base was it as pg and vg mix is ok it vapes and has the kick if it was just vg then would be just vapour and vg is the thicker of the 2 pg is good for thinning out the vg abit and adds the extra kick

    3. I'm not sure if you are asking me? Or someone else posting here. I mix with vg/pg but the e liquid that prompted this blog was pure vg.

  5. I am new to vapourizing, I am using the nicotine free e liquid, curious to know if steeping will enhance the flavour? I find it slightly weaker than I would have liked it to be, using strawberry flavours only, and trying to quit smoking altogether finally :)

    1. I have found that using e liquid without nicotine is unsatisfactory for people trying to switch from smoking to vaping in the beginning. It is not a good way to start. Smokers, especially heavy smokers need a 24mg or 18mg nicotine in e liquid at least. Once the habit of smoking cigarettes has completely gone, only then is the time to gradually cut down on nicotine if you want to. Nicotine is not the problem. I should think steeping a flavour without nicotine should work. But I am no expert. I have tried the steeping instructions myself, but think if it doesn't taste right at the beginning, it's not ever going to.

    2. I agree with Liz. I went to a 24 to get off cigarettes. I found that it wasn't the nicotine in the cigs that are hard to get over, but all the other chems they pump in. It took about a month of 24mg vape before I started cutting down nicotine. But the cut is easy. Go without for a day or two and then go back to a lesser level. Or else mix your nicotine free with the regular. for flavors, fruit flavors don't usually steep as well as the sweeter flavors.

  6. claudine paris 750057 April 2014 at 00:04

    I find that its very VERY important to take as much nicotine as you need right at the beginning,when you're just starting vaping & trying to quit analogs.Dont worry about using a 18mg or even 24mg (or more) nicotine mix,take whatever is needed to satisfy you (you'll feel it when you've had "enough")! .You'll find that later on -as time goes by- your need for nicotine will probably drop naturally,on its own. I quit a 30 redMarlb a day "habit just over 3 yrs ago now, from one day to the next without any suffering and even without a profound desire/motivation to quit!Started off on 18mg nic juices, and a few months later dropped to 16 then 12 then 6mg then 5mg and now im at zero nicotine! (though i still continue vaping since i love it so much).I just found myself gradually needing/wanting less and less nic,no conscious effort, no suffering, no willpower needed ;) Having asked around Ive found that this has been the case with quite alot of other vapers too :) so dont worry, take as much nicotine as you need at first,trying to go straight for Low or zero nic is not a good idea and could even compromise your vaping/quittting cigs!