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Thursday, 12 September 2013

Dave Dorn - from me to you - you're wonderful!

I was uplifted today watching this - this episode of Vapour Trails TV - it is a must for all vapoteurs.  See below....

In a world of insanity against smokers and vapers, all the discussion here in this debate never once trashed smokers or smoking. Smoking is NOT a healthy habit, I can feel the difference in my own body now I don't smoke. It is a very normal occupation for many. I believe Second Hand Smoke dangers have been grossly over exaggerated by a vengeful Tobacco Control in a desperate attempt to make us conform to their desire to eradicate smoking. Smoking genocide so to speak. In the process they have been allowed to say things and do things that have caused legislative vengeance to be performed against smokers (one quarter of the population) that would never have been perpetrated against any other segment of the population, say Black, Gay, or Disabled people. Tobacco is a legal product.

Legislative vengeance is the law that bans smokers from smoking indoors in ventilated rooms or outdoors anywhere.  My brain still shorts out wondering how such a law could ever be legal!

So, I held my breath wondering what insults, obscenities, lies and defamities I would hear in a debate about vaping from those who are also anti tobacco when Dave and Sav went to London yesterday. I think Dave's talk was wonderful! It was straight from his heart. I love his passion.  We vapers owe him a huge debt of gratitude and thanks. And in this discussion of the benefits of vaping, no one trashed the smokers. Vapoteurs, if you don't know who Dave Dorn is, let me introduce you!

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