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Friday, 1 November 2013

Disgusting blackmail - shame on you!

I point out once again, that I am of the generation that smoked everywhere. I grew up in a repressive home where smoking drinking and, ah, sex were considered undesirable - for us it came plain packaged and it was emphasised that smoking, drinking or sex was especially not something that "cultured" folk like us did. So the first thing I did when I left home was to drink, smoke and have sex.  So much for plain packaging!

My sister and I turned out to be totally dedicated smokers - yet not a soul anywhere in our family did it. We did not learn it from our family. The fact that I am a smoker that vapes is quite accidental. I am still a smoker - an angry smoker who has watched a travesty occur.

My children were brought up in a smoking house. And as I have told you before, I woke myself up for the night feeds by having a cigarette. Our house was full of smoke and mostly happiness. We had lots of parties through which everyone smoked and the kids would hang through the banisters watching the grown ups smoking drinking and dancing. Grown ups didn't "hide" - except if they were having sex.

Our children are grown up. They are full of gratitude at what a wonderful, rich and loving childhood they had, what fun it was and how we trust/trusted each other. Only one of our children smokes and he is eaten up with guilt about it. The guilt will make him sicker than the smoking. His partner is an anti.

None of our children died of cot death - and no one I know's children did. None of our children - we have five - have allergies, asthma, dull brains or any other crap you supposedly get from second hand smoke. And our friends children are pretty much the same - though I have lost contact with some.

It is MY generation that houses the denialists, and we do fight the antis, because we lived, loved and grew children while smoking. We don't believe what we hear because it is not in our experience.

I am certainly pretty sure that my father-in-law died of lung cancer because he smoked  xtra strong plain cigarettes at 50 a day from  long before the second world war, drank like a fish and lived in pubs rather than his home. His exercise was walking to the pub and then weaving home nightly. His inability to connect with life was a spin-off from his war time experiences. Even so, he never went to hospital except for the last week (aged 75) which he spent eating custard and jelly and flirting with the nurses. And then he died.

So, for me, this whole anti-smoking malarkey is a grand illusion and it's the younger generations that have been brainwashed to believe what is said about smoking and smokers. Tonight I just read Promises Promises and it blew the top of my head off! What total offensive stuff is this -
"The Tayside Smoke Free Homes scheme encourages people to sign up to either a GOLD or SILVER promise to help keep their home smoke free.
The GOLD promise means you agree to no smoking in the house, while signing up to the SILVER status promises that smoking will be confined to one room in the house and never in front of children."
And I ask "Why, bloody hell why? How dare you intrude into people's homes like that?" Of course it's the younger generation that would sign up for a Gold or Silver Certificate. And they are the ones that are needing homes. So it's not even an intrusion, it's BLACKMAIL! I would tell them to get stuffed. They are disgusting. But I already have my house and anyone can smoke in it. I would be ashamed of my hospitality to ask my guests to smoke outside.

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