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Sunday, 3 November 2013

Smokers' rights and tobacco control on BBC Breakfast - oh yes? - well no actually - smokers got muzzled again - vapers beware

Having been pre-warned by this blog from Christopher Snowdon,

 I watched.

All I saw, was some shrieking blonde yelling everyone down with all the old anti smoking drivel we hear over and over again. There was hardly a moment for proper discussion about anything sensible. No time for smokers allowed. The shrieking blonde turns out to be Andrea Crossfield Director of Tobacco Free Futures. I live in the Northwest and I've never heard of her! The interviewer should have put her in place - but of course he didn't. 

To me she's one to avoid. I'm sure she'd have loads to say about elecronic cigarettes and nothing good about them either. God help us. We'd have to remember to shout louder, be ruder and more overwhelming than her.

She has to keep her job going though - and she has SO MUCH to do.

As usual smokers got well muzzled! It's not inconceivable that some day, it will happen to us too.

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