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Monday, 25 November 2013

Vapoteurs - big evil requires big action - and start prayers too. Or "every little helps" said the old lady who pee'd on the cabbage patch!

Please read Clive Bates summing up of what is happening NOW in the EU

This is happening in discussion now and into early December.....

The main troubling features include:
  • Allows only single-use cartridges.  No refillable units or tanks will be permitted.
  • Allows only flavours already approved for use in NRT.
  • Limits nicotine density to 20mg/ml maximum with no justification
  • Limits nicotine content of any container to just 10mg/unit – this is extremely low and arbitrary (see new paper
  • Allows only devices that “deliver nicotine doses consistently and uniformly” – an unnecessary, severe and limiting technical challenge
  • Bans all advertising in press or printed publications (except trade), on radio, TV and other audiovisual services and the internet (through “information society services“)
  • Bans e-cigarette sponsorships that have cross border impact (e.g. anything that might be shown on TV)
  • Applies onerous and unnecessary warning, labelling and leaflet requirements that may be impractical
  • Bans cross border distance sales (internet etc)
  • Requires manufacturers to track so-called ‘adverse effects’ even though nicotine is widely used and understood
  • Requires the submission of  large quantities of seemingly irrelevant technical and commercial data
  • Asserts (against the evidence) that e-cigarettes “simulate smoking behaviour and are increasingly used and marketed to young people and non-smokers”.
It basically looks like is this - (72% of us use "Second Generation"devices...)
(Thank you Miles Dolphin on Twitter)

If you are a vaper of sound mind and body and you live in the EU, please scroll down Clive Bates page to see what he suggests we do - and do it.

If you are exhausted from the fight, are weak and old like I feel today, it is time to pray. We need an Act of God in the face of such corruption. I refuse to believe that anyone involved with these discussions on legislating our lives, can be so very, very blind to the effect of their actions, unless they are being richly rewarded by unseen evil powers.