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Friday, 22 November 2013

Smoking is "greener" than vaping. What do YOU think? Comments welcome!

For quite a while, I have been wondering about how "green" vaping is. If it becomes the new "smoking", we will be using billions of tonnes of Lithium and all the chemicals used in it's production. We are already raping and pillaging our Earth. This morning I have three devices running - one is an Ego 1100mAh lithium battery. In a few months I will put it in my battery re-cycling bottle and take it to Aldi's battery collection depot. What will happen to it then I wonder?

I have three plastic tanks at work containing three different flavours. When they fail, I will toss them in the trash with all the other plastic I discard.

Now, for a while, I have been kidding myself that my mods are "greener" because they are like torches - and who would think a torch is not "green". But they have large lithium batteries in them, re- chargeable admittedly. One day, they will also go into my battery collecting bottle.

So I don't think vaping is "green".

Imagine millions of us worldwide trashing batteries and adding to our already terrifying plastic pollution. The mind boggles!

Really "green" is smoking a cigarette! Tobacco grows and replenishes itself, My little home rollies disappeared into a tiny pile of sterile ash and the filters degraded in one season under bushes where I had flicked them whilst gardening.

Yup, vaping is not "green", but personally, I am not switching back to smoking. There is nothing I can do when I am forced to buy something packed in huge unnecessary packaging, or use my mobile phone, or my lithium computer battery, or drive my car. I just block out my thoughts that I am also one of the consumers that drive our Earth-pillage.I don't now how to solve the problem.I am the problem.

But today I am thinking smoking might harm our species less in the long run. Smoking is "greener" than vaping. What do YOU think? Comments welcome!


  1. In it great informative ideas discuss all are about smoking related facts mention here that how much it harmful for health and how it ruin your inner system, nice sharing

  2. I agree with you that the materials used in vaping are not green but the it has got to be greener than smoking and a lot healthier to the individual.