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Thursday, 21 November 2013

Please sign the save ecigs letter - pleeeese - pleeeese - I've been a naughty girl!! Please share this post to the UK .

When I wrote "Why I won't sign the save ecigs letter" post -  I thought it might be read by my one or two followers. Instead, it was read by hundreds. I watched the viewings roll up with horror. So I wrote another, to explain more and pose a better letter, and that was read less (unfortunately).

Last night Dave Dorn said in his show on Vapour Trails TV  "please sign the save ecigs letter - don't read what it says, as some of it is in terms that those to whom it is written speak - ignore that - just sign!"  (or he said something along those lines.)

Now, he is really right -  and actually the letter cannot be changed now because so many have already signed it. That letter is written in stone. And that letter is the one going to be delivered soon.

So I beg you, pleeeese sign the save e cigs letter - it's what we've got now - there is no other - scroll down on this page  HERE and sign it for all the vapers who have already signed it (and for me too!)

I've been a naughty girl to put you off. I never realised I was so influential!

(And I hope the next letter is better!)