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Saturday, 29 September 2012

Lucky vaping me!

Yesterday was weird! MY day was all planned - lovely, retired now, so I can do what I like most of the time. I love doing what I like. It makes me happy.

So, to get back to my weird yesterday. I was doing what I like - and, believe me, I do it well!

My husband was in the roof repairing the plumbing.

Suddenly there was an almighty crash. I thought my husband had fallen down the loft ladder and killed himself. So I raced along to find the top of the stairs, the carpeting, the walls and skirtings covered with orange-ish vomit. I thought, my God, this is serious. But my panic lifted when I found the empty 2litre PVA paint tin labelled "Apricot" jammed against the bannister at the foot of the loft ladder where it landed and exploded on impact. Husband was unaware, and there was he peering down from the loft asking me what happened.

Later, in his plumbing repairing day, he left the bathroom tap on in the basin with the plug in. The floor flooded. There was lots of wetness, paint and more wetness around yesterday.

I did an extra lot of what I don't like yesterday - shows you - never plan ahead. They tell me Pluto is ruling us at the moment - must be Pluto.

The plumbing in the roof is now fixed and the shower works a treat!

We did not have a pleasant yesterday.

 But I feel more lucky than he - he is not dead - and I can comfort myself by vaping. Lucky me!


  1. Glad your husband was ok and that the shower still works. Have you managed to get the apricot paint off everything yet? Must have made one heck of a mess.

  2. A heck of a mess is a vast understatement!