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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

No Sheeple people vapers please!

 If you are a vaper, and you want to do something useful for future generations, (and yourself), you could sign this petition....

Petition to the Government

Or, you could keep yourself on the ball with how persecution of your habit might pan out. We have ample examples of how it was done by Anti-smokers - so KNOWING is essential to halting the attack on us. I like Frank Davis's Black Lung post... For me this was extra special, because a nursing friend - a theatre sister, told me she had never seen one in ordinary smokers.

Then, follow those who are promoting our cause! Spread their blogs on social media sites. The only way we can actually expose how society is manipulated to believe things that fanatics WANT us to believe, is by exposing their machinations. Here is an exposure from today - Tippex! 

And here's another.

Become knowledgeable about Anti Tobacco ruses. Don't think smoking has got nothing to do with us - it has everything to do with us!

We must not become sheeple people!