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Sunday, 16 September 2012

VE Day for Vapers.

Electronic nicotine delivery systems, - ENDS. I don't like the name. I hope it's not a self fulfilling prophecy? ENDS is the term used by Tobacco Control - cunning, don't you think? Keeps them focused on what they want to do with electronic cigarettes. Electronic nicotine delivery systems, covers all types of vaping devices. including mods - AND including those that contain NO nicotine.

I don't consider myself to use electronic "cigarettes" - but, it is true that my vaping has replaced my smoking. If I wasn't vaping. I'd be smoking cigarettes. My electronic nicotine delivery system, has ENDED my smoking.

But I'm trying to think of  Acronyms more suitable to Tobacco Control...

Cigarette Abstinence Device Systems = CADS 

Personal  Inhaler Systems Solutions = PISS

Tobacco Uptake Negation Tackle = C*NTS

But the one I use all the time is -  Vaping Equipment 

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