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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Vapers be ashamed.

I constantly support smokers in their persecution. I do this even though I do not smoke but only vape.

I have posted before to say I am a smoker who vapes, and as such, I feel for smokers AND vapers.

We must not get too smug - our time is coming!

Here is a comment in response to THIS that saddened me.

Quote :-  I have to say that I get a little thrill of “told you so” with every new anti-vaping story. Good on the vapers for taking on this vipers’ nest at such an early stage – anything which gives Tobacco Control a bit of a bloody nose has got to be a good thing – but I have to say that as far as I’m concerned they’re on their own on this one. The moment I read comments from newly-converted vapers extolling the holy virtues of vaping and using derogatory terms for “filthy, stinky” smokers and bragging about how they weren’t ever going to die from cancer (yeah, right) or heart disease (yeah, right again), they lost any support from me that they were ever likely to have had. And I know from countless comments on here and elsewhere that I’m not alone in this feeling.

As we smokers know only too well, support from people outside one’s own group is vital to stop persecution once it gets going – it was ultimately the lack of such support at even the most basic level which did for smokers five years ago. Vapers’ only hope for outside support might have come from their ex-colleagues the smokers. They certainly can’t bank on the support of non-smokers, non-vapers, drinkers or non-obese people, because anti-vaping campaigns “don’t affect them,” so basically they won’t give a sh*t. But by adopting the typical ex-smoker-turned-anti-smoker attitude, vapers lost what outside support they might have had, so ultimately they’re unlikely to make much headway against a well-funded and media-savvy bunch like Tobacco Control, because each and every argurment, counter-argument or disagreement can be easily brushed aside as partisan and biased because: "You would say that, wouldn't you - you're a Vaper!"
But if nothing else, it’s a welcome relief not to be the sole subject of Tobacco Control’s prejudice for at least a little while.

I asked that I could use this comment in this post  and received this reply...

Quote - Feel free to use my comment on your blog, VP, but I would appreciate if you’d point out that I do recognise – as SteveW points out above – that not all vapers are anti-smokers and that many (possibly by virtue of having been smokers themselves previously) are both understanding of the unfairnesses loaded upon smokers and probably more aware than most other – so far largely untouched - disapproved-of “lifestyle followers” of the dangers of joining in with the bullies simply because those bullies appear at the moment to be the “winning side,” which makes them feel good.

I guess the real nub is that the anti-smoking-type vapers are likely to end up alienating that much-needed “outside” support which, ultimately, can only end up working against all vapers – including themselves - in the end.

As I have said before  us vapers who have become co-persecutors should feel ashamed.....