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Sunday, 27 January 2013

Thank you Wendy H. Best answer so far.

I found this by accident - "Does Vaping help clear your lungs?"

Does vaping help to clear lungs?

I've recently quit smoking and I have been using the e-cigarette. Since it is water vapor I know it is harmless to my lungs but I was also wondering if it helped with the cleansing process as well? I know my body is already naturally detoxing so does the e-cigarette work as a booster to that or is it just an easy fix to keep my mouth entertained?
What would a good vapoteur's answer have been? - a simple YES! would have done for me.
Guess what was posted in reply - 

"Ecigarettes are not harmless and neither is their vapor. They have not been around long enough for anyone to even verify that they are better for you than cigarettes, but studies have shown that they constrict the lungs and airways and sometimes the vapor can be irritating to your throat and lungs. If you're using the cartridges with nicotine, your body is not really detoxing from anything but the crap thats accumulated in your lungs and you're still at increased risk for strokes, heart problems, premature aging, tooth decay etc, as these are side effects of nicotine (its not a harmless substance).

It IS normal for your lungs to clear themselves after you quit though. You might find you are coughing way more and hacking up a lot of stuff--and it can take months to get it all out for some people."
I posted on Google and Facebook and asked that someone come up with something better....
Dear Wendy H has
 quote:- "I know ecig users that have smoked cigs for years and have gotten lung ex rays and the doctors were amazed that the patient was ever a smoker. PG is used for asthma sufferes to open UP the airways.
Now, as far as the nicotine, Yes, it is a drug but then again so is caffeine! At least ecigs dont have the 1000's of toxins and poisens that reg cigs have!!"
Thank you Wendy!  Now could someone go on and vote that to be the best answer?