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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

For Smokers switching to vaping - excellent video from Vaping Greek

I'd like to share this with all those who have a New Year's resolution to not smoke. I had no resolution not to smoke. In fact I was bloody determined to carry on smoking. How dare people try to stop me! I am an accidental non smoker - miraculous! I was very lucky to find a device that was just right for me by watching videos on the internet. 

At first I smoked and vaped.  I did not feel guilty smoking. After all, I had no intention to stop. But gradually I found vaping was just easier. No tobacco shreds on my lap and sofa from rolling my own. No smell. No ashtrays (little covered jars in my case) to empty. And I found myself vaping more - smoking less and getting pulled in to the very interesting practise of vaping. I love technology and vaping seemed to me to be the modern way of smoking. Fascinating.

I haven't smoked or even desired a cigarette for over a year now.  It doesn't matter to me, personally, what the electronic scaremongers say about vaping. *** (see below) I'm old now. Even if in 20 years we discover Lemon Meringue Pie flavoured e-liquid makes vapers turn yellow, it won't affect me. I will be healthier, as I am already from accidently becoming a non smoker. 

And that applies to every smoker over sixty - the really determined smokers like me for whom I make videos on You Tube "Vaping for the over sixties". Electronic cigarettes are a remarkable phenomenon and vaping is, to me, better than smoking! How good is that?

Thank you Dimitris for a great video. 

***But it does matter really really much that vaping should be accepted as a Harm Reduction pathway for all the smokers coming along behind me. We need to work hard for that.

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