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Thursday, 31 January 2013

Vaping under stress

Been a bit busy - well very busy! End of month is busy time for me. But added to my workload, is the problem of the new grandchild arriving in April. Well, maybe arriving earlier - and that's the stress. I do not know when my grandmother skills are needed to look after her (yes, it's a girl they think) little sister. There are extra visits to the hospital, weekends in hospital, and actual maybe arrival times, or not. It's all a bit unnerving. Yesterday I thought I would have to cancel two meetings I have today, but today I find I don't have to.

All this brilliance of the medical profession to know exactly what is going on with babies in the womb is quite extraordinary to me. In my day, a pregnancy simply proceeded in ignorance. You only knew it was breech if it was breech.You knew nothing about its sex. You knew nothing about size or amniotic fluid. You knew nothing much really at all. And if you did - it was someone else's guess.

I smoked and drank through all my pregnancies. All my five babies were verging on 8lbs. I used to light up to do the night feed! Ignorance was bliss. Somehow they have all grown up and most have children of their own. They seem far more stressed in pregnancy than I ever was - I believed that pregnany was just a normal event, not a medical condition.

But then, I'm old fashioned.

So, enduring the new stress of pregnancy being a medical condition and all the do's and dont's of being pregnant as I have now experienced through six grandchildren with the seventh now proving a bit tricky, I am very happy I can vape my way through the stress of it all and not smoke cigarettes. That's a great comfort . Nobody is waving me away.

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