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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Mostly the downside

I'm going through a down phase in my efforts to promote vaping, defending our liberty - and the liberty of smokers. Smoking and vaping, to my mind, are closely allied. I know lots of us would prefer not to think so. But we are smokers who vape. Well, I am.

The same lies that are being touted about vaping, have all been tried before on smokers.  Being of the old school, I have been astonished at how society has been turned to smoking by the Tobacco Industry and from smoking by clever sculpting from the Tobacco Control Industry. In fact, to me, it has been frightening.

I see the power of The Wold Health Industry in an unelected European Union Industry and how our (UK) Government Industry has paid for (with our taxes) the Anti Tobacco Industry to lobby itself.

So, in the face of the power of others, a power whose money, influence and determination is much more than my own, I am tired.

Also, I am cold - wonky central heating not solved.

On the up side, we have had two most exquisitely beautiful days with sunshine and snow.

And I have been able to vape.

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