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Wednesday, 5 December 2012

The cost of meddling - leave us alone!

If the economy isn't growing, you don't force shops to spend millions hiding cigarettes AT THE COST OF MILLIONS or changing to plain packaging. When something isn't growing, you simply keep the status quo until it rectifies itself. Things CANNOT always grow. If  our money is in such a mess (bankruptcy really) the government should be assisting business NOT to have to spend on things like repackaging foods, or fags, minimum pricing on alcohol or bring in any legislation that COSTS the countries businesses

All the re-organisation, the nit picky laws, our UK Government is constantly attending to, COSTS us. 

Why don't they just  get on with paying back our debt instead of making more - and get rid of all the Charity Industries that lobby the government at government expense. That would save a packet - we can't afford "health meddling" right now. 

Smokers, drinkers and eaters are paying enough already. Take our money and leave us alone!