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Thursday, 13 December 2012

I LOVE the ingenuity. don't you?

Plain packaging wraps - what a good idea!

"Anthony Do Rozario, general manager of Box Wrap, a sticker manufacturing company, said they created the wraparound stickers based on smokers' perceptions that their self-rights had been disrespected by the law."

"The Australian Medical Association (AMA) has urged on the Australian federal government to immediately put a stop to the company and its marketing blitz because its end goal is to hide the health warnings on tobacco boxes, which runs against the law's very purpose which is to educate the people of the ill effects of smoking."

Serves the Australian Government right! Hope they can't ban them too - it seems no different from a cigarette case to me - and you surely can't ban them? If they do do something like that, we seriously have to question the sanity of government health meddling and people control. God help us if this ugliness spreads to the UK.

If it does, I hope we will outwit plain packaging too. It's a disgusting and criminal action against smokers. 

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