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Friday, 4 April 2014

Homeopathy, Magical thinking - anti tobacco science today

I have been observing anti tobacco science. Magical things are happening! There's the homeopathic effect (commonly used as evidence ammunition for persecuting smokers), that finds vaping is dangerous to other people!

Roswell Park Researchers Present Findings of 2 E-Cigarette Studies at SRNT Meeting
"Researchers analyzed three brands of e-cigarettes filled with varying nicotine concentrations. The e-cigarettes were smoked, or “vaped,” with a syringe in an exposure chamber. Nicotine levels on five surfaces of the smoking chamber were measured. The surfaces included glass, floors, walls, windows, wood and metal.

Three out of four experiments showed significant yet varying increases in nicotine found on the five surfaces. The floor and glass windows had the greatest increases in nicotine residue. Dr. Goniewicz and colleagues concluded that future research should explore the risks of exposure to carcinogens posed by third-hand exposure from e-cigarettes."

So, I need to ask the questions that come to mind.

Does this suggest Homeopathy works?
When was it proved nicotine is a carcinogenic?
What kind of "scientific" study tests un-inhaled vapour in a tiny box?

Sounds really shoddy to me.

So this raises more questions in my mind.

Should the preparation and cooking of nicotinic vegetables in restaurants/kitchens/hospitals/homes/ be banned?
Should we all wear gloves and masks permanently - imagine what other hideous stuff is on surfaces?
Should we use medicine in Homeopathic proportions to save on Medical costs?

And the last thing I was reminded to think was the desperation I feel that the media spread this "study" like wildfire, all around the world.

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