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Monday, 28 April 2014

Is Vaping going wrong or is it going right?

I began to think about my blog for 2 January 2014 when someone commented on it.
Hon Lik - we deserve more in 2014 and I hope it will be a good year

I was disappointed in Hon Lik's opinion on the electronic cigarette he himself invented. I felt he was in the pocket of Big Pharma - and maybe he is.  Mr Lik's invention is now in generations 2,3 and 4, unrecognisable from the first electronic cigarettes that hardly emitted any vapour at all. They are not the same thing. Now we have Personal Vapourisers. And smokers are moving over to them in droves. We, at last, have technology that really works and fills the big hole in our hearts that occurred when, as vapers, we stopped smoking burning tobacco.

Is vaping going wrong or is it going right?

I think it's going right. The shear numbers are good! Over two million of us in the UK. More and more vendors offer an ego type battery and tank as a starter kit- that's good in my eyes - let's leave Mr Lik's cigalikes behind. But even they have improved.

So we are getting numbers on our side. If smokers saw vaping as an option they themselves should have, even if vaping simply was a poke-in-the-eye to the face of the smoking ban - that's good too isn't it? In a way, smokers are softening up to vapers as they see the boot fall on us too. I don't think it's delighted spite. I think it is the comradie of a despised group together. They told us so, and so it is.

But I think the vaping situation is going right as the "experts" and anti-smoking brigade are trollied out in the media. They are making such arses of themselves, that no logical person could possibly believe what they are saying. This morning's BBC report is a good example of better coverage than we have previously seen. Less puerile. It was quite uplifting in fact. No cigalikes were shown. And the guy trollied out at the end - the expert, no less, Dr Peter MCKereth - shot himself in the foot by implying that banning vaping would make us smoke. On re watching him to write this blog, even he wasn't so bad. What a nice way to start the week.

So I think Vaping is going right in the UK at the moment -  or is it my rose tinted spectacles?

Here it is. Let me make your day!

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