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Monday, 21 April 2014

Smokers - just vape if you want to. For God's sake, don't be cuckolded twice!

As a smoker that has smoked for fifty years, who was one of the ones that smoking hasn't killed, I accidentally started vaping when I discovered I preferred it to smoking. I watched the hate for smokers and smoking that was dripped into the psyche of society by the new and profitable employment agencies called the World Health Organisation, Tobacco Control and their sidekicks, Public Health.

I have seen no attempt by them to peacefully co-exist or even co-operate with what were once human beings like me, WORTHY human beings!, who were trashed because we smoked. The discrimination that has developed from the idea of stopping people smoking and been written into law, is historically, almost without precedent.

I cannot understand how we as human beings have allowed it to happen.

This is the springboard from which smokers themselves have rescued themselves. It was smokers, observing the harm that can develop by smoking in their loved ones, that invented safer alternatives. It was not Big Tobacco. It was not Public Health. It was not the Pharmaceutical Industry. It was the unworthy, despised, filthy smoker. The legend goes, Hon Lik was inspired by a nightmarish dream to make the first electronic smoking device. Perhaps such inspiration has not been possible in the rigid minds of those who hate smoking.

Now that personal vapourisers have  been adopted by millions of us because vaping is safer than smoking and even nicer that smoking, the hate mongers are at it again.

Recently, a young man I know, inspired by me, wanted to try vaping. He bought a perfect starting kit, helped by the shop in a town near here. He was enthusiastic and happy and I was pleased. Last week I heard he had gone back to smoking because he had read that vaping was dangerous and nicotine a terrible poison, and a man even DIED from vaping.

The real poison, is not the nicotine. The real poison is that which has seeped out from the anti smoking ideology, the deceit, the purposeful engineering of society to accept shoddy science without question, to BELIEVE without question those righteous, bitter, shrivelled prohibitionists in the anti smoking industry.

Smokers - just vape if you want to. For God's sake, don't be cuckolded twice!

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