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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

No power ups for PACMAN - he cometh for friendly vapers

I never ever was successful at playing PACMAN . I had to make a little yellow gobblyman run around getting points for himself by gobbling up spots, cherries and  getting power-ups from frilly friendly people whilst little frilly pink, yellow and purple people/ghosts? with little white eyes ran about in a maze  gobbling him up in a most unfriendly way. When he died, the game is over.

It's a pointless game really. As soon as the gobblyman has gobbled up some friendly little people, you have to try to avoid all the unfriendly ones that blot you out.

But the old game is inspirational for us vapers!

The modern pacman is -


The idea of the game is to save pacman who powers up with the "friendly"  friendlies because if the unfriendly ones prevail he gets gobbled, and the game is over. The modern PACMAN  has "powered up" so much and has turned society into little mini pacmen, that they are all out now for the "endgame".

But they are delusional. There is no way PACMAN can EVER survive They can't stop all the purple people/ghosts, the yellow frillies, the pink frillies, the blue frillies, the green frillies, the rainbow frillies or all the future frilly people entering the game all of whom will be unfriendly. PACMAN always loses in the end.

No matter how terrible the jaws of PACMAN look, we must always remember that when he powers up, a new enemy spins off which will threaten him in the future. He is finished!

We must make sure that PACMAN can never get power ups from us vapers and that we are always unfriendly frillies ready to snuff him out.